Many couples don't realise how much they can personalise their wedding ceremony. There are only a few legal words that need to take place during your ceremony and the rest is up to you!

I like to create ceremonies that are light-hearted, meaningful and compliment you and your style.

Your ceremony is what sets the tone for the rest of your celebrations and you want it to be one that you and your guests enjoy.



Wedding Ceremony

Perfect for couples who want the traditional style wedding ceremony with a modern twist. During the planning meetings, I will sit down with you to design your ceremony, in which I will share with you sample vows, readings, and so much more! Couples can have as much input as they like!

Short, Simple & Intimate

Perfect for couples who don't want an elaborate wedding and prefer a smaller intimate ceremony. Together we will design a short and simple ceremony in which you may like to personalise with vows.


Perfect for couples who just want to be legally married in Australia. It involves me, the two of you, a minimum of two witnesses (who must be 18yo or older) and a few legal words. We then sign the certificates and you’re married! The best part - it can be anywhere you want it to be! 


So how does it all work?

  • Firstly, get in touch with me and provide me with as much information as possible about your wedding and the style you are after.

  • Let's catch up for a meet and greet where we can get to know each other, discuss your wedding and visions for your ceremony. If you're unable to meet in person, we can chat over Skype or FaceTime.

  • If the meeting goes well then book me in and pay a booking fee to secure the date.

  • We'll have subsequent meetings where we will complete your 'Notice of Intended Marriage' form and start discussing your ceremony. I will provide you with a Ceremony Guide with lots of examples (vows, ring exchange, readings, etc).

  • Approximately one month before your wedding you will receive a copy of your ceremony for review.

  • If requested, a rehearsal can take place a couple of weeks prior to your wedding.

  • Wedding Day! I will arrive nice and early to set up and liaise with your other suppliers to ensure the day runs smoothly.

  • Time to celebrate and enjoy married life!